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Manuel Lafarga Marqués.
Musical Aesthetics and History Professor,  Conservatory of Music in Alicante, and Associate Professor of  History of Music, Valencia University

Higher Professor of Music (Oboe) by the Royal Senior Conservatory of Music of Madrid, Mr. Lafarga teached specialized docency during some years in the Conservatories of Pamplona and Alcalá de Henares, and was member of several famous Spanish orchestras, e.g. ORTVE and The Symphonic Orchestra of Madrid (Opera ‘s Orchestra)
Mr. Lafarga performed for many years within numerous chamber ensembles, chorals and other lyric (classical and ancient) groups, travelling to France, Italy and the USA (New York, Boston, Washington & Pennsylvania).
Since 1994, he develops his research and docent work at Valencia University, where he is coursing Doctoral Studies on Developmental Psychology Program. His training and researching, as well as his academic activity at the University, are oriented to the neurology of human auditory processing, to development of vocal behavior in infancy (0-12-years-old), to both phaenomena of Music & Language, and relationships between them.
Since 2008 is professor at Conservatory of Music, Alicante, of Aesthetic and History of Music, a wide selection of his academic lessons and conferences are avaliable at his own Channel

Penélope Sanz González.
Teacher in Music Education by Valencia University

Mrs. Sanz is award holder in  Neuroscience, and has knowledge on Advanced Informatics and studies of Music. She teached Artistic and Music Education to children from 2 to 6 years-old, and is co-author in several papers, conferences, courses and other activities carried out into the referred framework.
At this moment, she participates in the assessment of some cases of child DLD. She did some translations around the topics of Laboratory, and has contacts with other Departments and Universities of Spain and EEUU.

He has written several papers for Spanish magazines, made expositions in congresses, given conferences and courses (see our Courses Page | Páginade Cursos). He also translated some famous works from English to Spanish, in relation with these topics. In addition, he assesses the evolution of some cases of child dysphasia (DLD). He has contacts with other Departments and Universities of Spain and EEUU.

Nowadays He's composing his 'Semantic Symphony', a complete collection of twenty books about human and comparative cognition, music, language... The collectio's general pattern resembles the dual (right-left) pattern of brain procesing.

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