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Chimpanzee Wildlife

A new cute baby chimpanzee is born in the wild jungle - BBC wildlife

Angry chimpanzees fight for leadership in the wild African jungle - BBC wildlife

Animal mating rituals of chimpanzees - BBC wildlife

Animal research on chimpanzee mating behaviours - BBC wildlife

BBC investigates how much humans really are like chimpanzees - BBC wildlife

Chatting with chimps How close are wild animals to humans - BBC wildlife

Chimpanzees in the wild fight over who s in charge of the jungle - BBC wildlife

Chimps with baby twins BBC wildlife

Complex mating rituals of chimpanzees in the jungle - BBC wildlife

Cute baby monkeys pick their playmates in the wild - BBC wildlife

Deposed chimpanzee leader becomes target for other monkeys - BBC wildlife

Disease comes to chimpanzees as nature conservation arrives in the jungle - BBC wildlife

DNA research into nature How alike are humans and primates - BBC wildlife

Human characteristics of chimps - BBC wildlife

Humanizing chimpanzees How chimps are trained for Hollywood - BBC wildlife

Monkeys occasionally eat meat in the jungle - BBC wildlife

Mother chimpanzee protects her cute babies from other suspicious monkeys - BBC wildlife

Smash and Grab Chimps - Apes in Danger - BBC

The Chimpanzee s Monkey Ambush - Predators - BBC

Wild alpha male ape meets his baby twin chimpanzees in the African jungle - BBC wildlife

Wild chimpanzee displays his authority even when the camera crew gets in the way - BBC wildlife

Wild chimpanzees get a human test in teamwork and sharing- BBC wildlife

Wild chimpanzees in the jungle struggle for leadership - BBC wildlife

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