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Human Origins

Capítulo 1 La odisea de la especie Los Prehomínidos

La odisea de la especie 2 Los primeros Hombres

Humanity s First Steps NOVA Documentary

Early Human Evolution

Human Evolution from 4.000.000 years ago

Early Humans 4 million years ago to 10.000 B.C

Ape To Man 1-10 / 2-10 / 3-10 / 4-10 / 5-10 / 6-10 / 7-10 / 8-10 / 9-10 / 10-10 /

Before We Ruled the Earth - EP1 Hunt or Be Hunted 1 4

Before We Ruled the Earth - EP2 Mastering the Beast 2 4

3of4 - Before We Ruled The Earth - Part01 - Hunt Or Be Hunted

4of4 Before We Ruled The Earth Hunt or be Hunted

The Human Ape 1of10 / 2of10 / 3of10 / 4of10 / 5of10 / 6of10 / 7of10 / 8of10 / 9of10 / 10of10

Chris Stringer on early human evolution1 / evolution2 / evolution3

DNA - The Search For Adam 1of5 / 2of5 / 3of5 / 4of5 / 5of5



Evolution - Becoming Human Donald Johanson

Evolution Human cranial forms

Evolution Walking Tall

Human Evolution

Human Evolution o.O-Version The Real Evolution

Human Ancestors

Human Apes Funny Intelligent Bonobos Females Rule As it should be Understand Language Very Human

Human evolution A quick response to GriffGriff

Human Origins Climate Change and Human Evolution

Human Origins Designing the Exhibition

Human Origins Evidence of Human Evolution

Human Origins Expanding World of Homo Erectus

Human Origins Gurche Reconstructions of Early Humans

Human Origins New Technology for Old Fossils

Human Origins One Species Living Worldwide

Human Origins Survivors of Changing Environment

Ken Miller on Apes and Humans

National Geographic Live - Part Ape Part Human The Fossils of Malapa

The First Humans

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