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Temas > 4. Neurología / Neurology > General Neurology > Mind Control
Autonomous Robot With Neurologically-Based Control System
CES 2009 Mindflex Tabletop Telekinesis
Guy Plays Piano With His Brain
SSVEP-based BCI mental typewriter
Typing with Brain Waves
Using a Brain-Computer Interface to send a message to Twitter
A predictive speller for a Brain-Computer interface BCI based on Motor Imagery
High speed spelling BCI device
Mind Controlled EEG Smart House Demonstration
4.5 year old boy plays with EPOC Emotive
Brain Controlled Robot with Emotiv Epoc Play Video Games by Thinking About It
EPOC Mind controlled Robot
Use of the Emotiv Epoc Headset
Dean Kamen How the Segway Became Hyped Beyond Control
Dean Kamen Natural vs Artificial Arms
Dean Kamen’s Robotic “Luke” Arm
Dean Kamen The Future of Robotics
Dean Kamen What s Wrong with Engineering Curriculum
Honda Testing Mind Controlled Robots
Japan Unveils Mind Control Robot
Brain Powered Robot Control
Direct Brain Control of a Humanoid Robot
Mind Controlled Spy Robot - Emotiv EEG headset pilots Rovio using Skype
Nose-Controlled Electric Wheelchair
Robot Learning From Failed Demonstrations
Brain-Computer Interface
Brain-Computer Interface - 60 Minutes
Brain Computer Interface Geneva BCI controls real robot via internet
Honda Develops Brain-Machine Interface Technology
Neurorobotics Brain Machine Interfaces
P300 BCI speller using brain waves to spell words
P300-Based BCI for controlling a Robotic Arm
P300-based BCI for Internet Browsing
P300 based Brain-computer interface controlling a robotic arm
P300 BCI at National University of Singapore
Man Controls Robotic Hand with Mind
Paralysed man controls robot arm with his mind
(C) Manuel Lafarga Marqués
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