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Our work focuses mainly on investigating the connections of human auditory abilities from a multidisciplinary perspective.
These include two very specific: Language and Music processing. The former is common (in a neurological sense) to all persons, independently of the language learned, and, since it is known, lies over specific cortical areas; Musical ability, however, is developed only by some persons: many questions regarding its cortical processing remain unknown. still in many areas both abilities are attributed to both cerebral hemispheres separately, which supposes, in our opinion, an idealized oversimplification. This two modalities of processing have place mainly in the temporal cortex of both hemispheres in some different but complementary ways; at time, both modalities can share certain acoustic features and auditory functions.
The Description and Modelization of Auditory System is a very fruitful research area. It includes the study of audition and sound production in animals, lesion cases in humans and animals, Neurophysiology, Psycholinguistics, Psychoacoustics, Computing Neuroscience, and other fields. Our concerns are involved, in one or another form, with phaenomena within these fields and their disciplines.
On the other hand, it is necessary to develop our knowledge of the common auditory-vocal links in other animal species as well as in our own ancestors, so that our approach prioritizes an comparative-evolutionary perspective.
From the Musicological point of view, the musical ability adopts very varied forms depending on cultural practices, customs, human needs ... etc. The study of this complex phenomenon, and especially its relation with the linguistic culture, is especially stimulating.

M & L Frontiers Lab is the result of the dedication of a group of researchers and academics to the study of Musical and Linguistic Skills. Born more than two decades ago, it emerges as a private denomination that protects and welcomes our contributions under the same common seal. M & L Frontiers Lab is not a commercial company, the materials it collects are products of the individual efforts of its members and are duly protected by copyright laws. Both the Conferences, academic articles, series of books and any other content material are the exclusive property of their respective authors and are communicated through our digital platform on a voluntary basis. It is the responsibility of the readers and users to abide by the due legal obligations that respect the intellectual property rights. The violation of these rules will imply the due legal actions in defense of the legitimate authors of the works contained herein.
Courses and Conferences: held in university and higher education centers and associations for cultural and social purposes.
Its main purpose is to provide, both general and specialized audiences, actualized information and adequated frameworks related to our reseach topics. Many of these contents are accessible through our YouTube channel. You can access the thematic playlist through this link.
Some of our own Publications are available here. These are academic papers, mainly in the Spanish language, they deal with the main topics of our research. Recomended readings (in English Language) are:
  • Polyphonic Traditions in the Greco-Roman World.
  • Music and Language in Homo Lineage.
  • Tonal perception phylogeny, vocal behavior in human evolution.
  • Polyphonic Instruments in the Greco-Roman World

Research Projects: M&L Frontiers Lab sponsors other research projects such as
Internet portal that disseminates the studies of Doctor Manuel Lafarga and his research team on the famous work "The Wedding at Cana" by Paolo Caliari Veronese. The studies carried out will be found in prestigious publications soon.

At this moment we are working on a Editorial project. The MetaCognitive Series Books:
    • First Series (Vocal-Auditory, Vols. 1-12 Vols.) and
    • Second Series (Metacortical, Vols. 13-20)
We are ready to print the Vocal-Auditory Series Books. Its objective is to provide a corpus of knowledge about the Lab Concerns from a wide range scientific and accesible point of view
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